Offshore Bank Account

We are firmly dedicated towards assisting our clients in establishing offshore and International banking. We have had a fair bit of experience in working closely with many reputable international banks around the world. Over the years we have developed expertise in identifying good international banks and formation and administration of offshore companies.

In most of the cases, an offshore bank account is the best instrument to protect assets and wealth. This will efficiently aid financial business and personal planning as well as restructuring to extend privacy and tax efficiency. We recommend clients obtain independent tax advice to ensure the regulations of the client’s home country allow offshore banking. We are aware that some countries allow offshore International Business Company (IBC) offshore accounts for their nationals and restrict personal offshore banking. Much will, of course, depend on the regulations of where you are tax domicile. .

We act as intermediaries for financial institutions and international banks.

The jurisdictions we are involved in are well regulated from a banking viewpoint and enable our customers to form safe and confidential offshore banking facilities for their companies, trust, foundations.

For European clients should note that offshore entities and bank accounts are not subject to European Union (EU) Tax Saving Directive.

The international banks accounts cab be opened without requirement of a personal visit the bank. All prerequisite documents may be certified, legalized and apostilled without a visit.

Please contact our United Kindom partners for further information on offshore companies and banking.